• Read Library notice board daily.
• Wear your ID card before entering Library.
• Keep your bags on the baggage stand.
• Scan your ID card to record walk-in / out.
• Maintain silence in Library.
• Use Library reading material and equipment with care.
• Check books for damage before it is issued. Inform the Library staff in case of damage.
• Return books on / before the due date.
• Books taken on Overnight Book Lending Card must be returned next day before / during interval.
• Make use of only your own Library Card.
• Inform Librarian in case of loss of Library card.
• When in need of assistance ask Librarian / Library staff for help.
• Keep Library clean.
• Follow the rules of the Library.
• Speaking over mobiles in Library is prohibited.
• Valuables in Library are not allowed.
• Taking books from Library without permission  may lead to cancellation of membership.